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Wasco relies on local production “Made in Germany

LED trunking systems at stable prices. Freight rates for containers from Asia have been rising for several months. Companies that source their goods from outside Europe have to increase product prices to remain profitable. Only manufacturers who buy and produce locally are independent of this development. Just like Wasco GmbH. In its own factory in Lower Saxony, the company produces LED indoor trunking systems – which meet high demands in terms of value, reliability and efficiency. This enables the company to guarantee consistently very good quality at constant prices. In order to continue to meet the increasing demand, Wasco is currently doubling its production area at its home location in Upgant-Schott, so that a delivery time of 1-4 weeks remains possible.

Rising demand, few containers and doubling freight rates – anyone who wants to ship something by sea these days has to reckon with immense costs and plenty of time. The Asian container shipping companies have more than doubled their prices. The reason for this is the high demand, which exceeds the freight supply. Importing companies, regardless of sea or air freight, usually have no choice but to pay the high sums. In order to cover the rising costs, product prices are raised as a consequence.

Use location advantage

In this context, companies that produce in Germany have an advantage – such as Wasco GmbH. Since 1998, the specialist for modern LED indoor trunking systems has been offering its products “Made in Germany”. Local production ensures that hardly any goods have to be imported from Asia. “We buy from European world market leaders and produce in Germany. This allows us to offer a reliably high quality standard and we are independent of the container shipping companies,” explains Katharina Alberts, Wasco Group spokesperson.

Wasco doubles production area

In order to be able to react even faster and more flexibly to enquiries in the future, the specialist for modern hall lighting strips is currently doubling its production area in Upgant-Schott. “The expansion is a clear commitment to our location and also an important sign for the economy, employees and customers,” explains Alberts. This means that proven products such as the one-component product trio Madox, Indox 11-pole and Redox in IP66 can be offered with the usual high quality and, above all, at stable and favourable prices. In order to be able to offer even more cost benefits and to make luminaire installation at the end customer’s even faster and thus more economical, a six-metre long single-component trunking system for extremely large halls has been developed with the GU 6.0. This also arrives at the customer’s premises securely packaged and specially commissioned for each hall.




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One product, many possibilities

GU 6.0 from Wasco
fulfils a wide range of lighting tasks

Wasco now offers the GU 6.0 LED trunking system especially for the lighting of new halls. It combines the advantages of the Redox, Madox and Indox trio of luminaires and also scores points for uncomplicated handling and economic installation. The new one-component product is six metres long and – despite quality Made in Germany – particularly cost-effective.

While Wasco GmbH’s already proven trunking systems are designed in particular for the energy-efficient retrofitting of existing buildings, the GU 6.0 was deliberately developed for use in new buildings. The background to the product launch is the fast, cost-effective completion of new production and logistics halls. “Based on well-known modular systems for commercial buildings, we want to establish a new standard in industrial lighting with the GU 6.0,” explains Wasco spokesperson Katharina Alberts. “Our aim is to make the choice easier for companies by offering them an efficient and at the same time particularly economical solution.”

Suitable for all requirements

The six-metre-long LED strip with DALI control consists of two luminaires each as well as a blank field and is available in different versions. For example, wide (160 degrees), medium (80 degrees) and narrow (30 degrees) beam angles are possible for a wide variety of hall shapes. Light colours range from neutral (4,000 Kelvin) to daylight white (6,000 Kelvin). With a standard energy efficiency of 160 and optionally 190 lumens per watt (lm/W), the GU 6.0 achieves up to 25,000 lumens per luminaire. Thanks to the HACCP test mark, it is also suitable for use in food-processing facilities – and with the optional D mark also for fire-hazardous operating areas.

Quick installation, safe use

The Wasco plug-in system guarantees rapid and thus cost-reducing installation, which usually requires only two employees. This is because the single-component solution makes installation particularly simple. The individual continuous-row sections simply have to be plugged together one behind the other and the suspension clips fastened. Presence or daylight sensors as well as emergency lights and other extension modules can also be easily integrated.

With the GU 6.0 trunking system, Wasco thus offers an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and at the same time high-quality and safe lighting solution for halls of all kinds. The LED luminaires are available in packages of 250, 500 and 1,000.

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Let there be light

Proven for years: LED indoor trunking system

With the Redox, Madox and Indox LED arcade rooflights, Wasco offers a one-component product trio that meets all lighting requirements. It has proven itself successfully on the market since 2015. From industrial halls and offices to architecturally valuable constructions. The high-performance trunking system is versatile and impress with its long service life and efficient installation.

With the one-component system of the LED trio Redox, Madox and Indox, Wasco GmbH revolutionised the market in the field of LED strip lighting. The design developed by the company, which even market competitors follow, convinces with a constructive unit of support profile and continuous row luminaire. This has created a system that considerably reduces the time and effort required for installation. According to measurements by the renowned consultancy REFA Consulting AG, 15 metres of continuous-row lighting can be installed in less than three minutes. The approximately 30 percent lower weight compared to similarly powerful continuous-row systems also contributes to this.

Low effort, maximum performance

Whereas with Redox and Madox a continuous lighting strip of up to 60 metres is possible, Indox can even be coupled to a length of up to 100 metres. Optimised lenses made of plastic (PMMA) – in combination with highly efficient LED units – ensure precise light control. Flexible power packages and light characteristics also enable a unique variety of applications – including high quality standards “Made in Germany”. The luminous flux packages range from 2,000 to 37,500 lumens per luminaire, depending on the version. Wasco also offers a wide range of plug-and-play modules – including emergency lights, presence and daylight sensors as well as variable colour temperature controls. These can be easily connected to the up to 16-pole lighting system. This means that a custom-fit solution can be found for almost any project.

Sustainable and with a long service life

Standard 160 and optional 190 lumens per watt ensure maximum luminous efficacy with minimum energy consumption. A long LED service life of up to 100,000 operating hours is ensured by high-quality, anodised aluminium housings combined with efficient thermal management. Optionally, the robust strip lights are even suitable for ambient temperatures of minus 40 degrees. This means that they even meet particularly high demands in cold stores. Since 2015, Wasco has been offering cost-effective, system-efficient and at the same time high-quality and application-flexible lighting solutions that have proven themselves to this day.

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Bright, brighter, Stradox

Affordable and reliable – Wasco presents a new, particularly powerful LED high bay luminaire with up to 93,000 lumens. The company from Upgant-Schott is known for its innovative and high-quality products made in Germany. With Stradox, the portfolio has now been expanded to include a high-bay spotlight that illuminates large halls in particular efficiently, inexpensively and reliably.

Good lighting design is essential for productivity, safety and health protection of employees. With intelligent illumination, sources of danger can be quickly identified and the risk of accidents minimised. In addition, physical strain caused by poor visibility is prevented. With this in mind, Wasco GmbH has developed the new Stradox LED high-bay luminaire. It provides bright, homogeneous and shadow-free lighting. It also ensures maximum illumination with minimum energy consumption.

25 percent LED promotion

Stradox is the first LED high-bay luminaire with an unusually high subsidy of up to 25 percent. The state supports companies that decide to use this efficient luminaire. This is because Stradox is more energy-efficient and, at 160 lumens per watt, 65 to 75 percent more efficient than conventional HQL luminaires. Moreover, the product does not need to be maintained and does not require expensive lamp replacement. Due to the optimised cooling housing shape, Stradox also has a longer service life than imported round or short LED spotlights. This means that lighting costs can be significantly reduced and the purchase price is also quickly amortised – after deduction of the subsidy, often after just one or two years.

Efficient illumination of large halls

Lighting design is particularly demanding for large halls. The three-metre-long high-bay spotlights enable more shadow-free illumination of halls than the usually short or round spotlights. For heights between eight and 38 metres, the Stradox can be combined from three different lens versions in 30, 80 and 160 degrees and seven output levels from 13,760 to 93,120 lumens. This ensures optimum, energy-saving and therefore economical illumination.

Optionally, the spotlight can also be controlled via Bluetooth, operated or dimmed, or equipped with an emergency light. Light control technologies such as presence and daylight sensors enable automatic illumination. If the daylight fades, the spotlight switches on automatically and provides good visual and working conditions. With the help of the presence sensor, the lighting can be designed particularly efficiently: When a person enters, the light switches on automatically and goes out again when they leave. This function avoids pointless lighting and also saves energy and costs.

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