The CANTENA LED light bar for external power supply IP20 consists of brand-name LEDs of the latest generation. Extremely durable with an average life of 40,000 hours. The tool-free, 5 amp plug-in system offers quick installation. CANTENA is available in various lengths as well as covers and is therefore perfectly suited for room and object lighting as well as for sophisticated solutions. Our LED batten luminaire promises a high quality of light. In addition to installation in coving and shelving, CANTENA is also suitable for bread and baking counters. It is mounted using the free basic clips. Optional 180° swivelling magnetic brackets are available for the CANTENA. In addition to individual mounting, the LED light strip can be connected by the simple, direct plug-in system to form a light band with a total output of up to 100W. Width 20mm, height 15mm.

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