Affordable and reliable – Wasco presents a new, particularly powerful LED high bay luminaire with up to 93,000 lumens. The company from Upgant-Schott is known for its innovative and high-quality products made in Germany. With Stradox, the portfolio has now been expanded to include a high-bay spotlight that illuminates large halls in particular efficiently, inexpensively and reliably.

Good lighting design is essential for productivity, safety and health protection of employees. With intelligent illumination, sources of danger can be quickly identified and the risk of accidents minimised. In addition, physical strain caused by poor visibility is prevented. With this in mind, Wasco GmbH has developed the new Stradox LED high-bay luminaire. It provides bright, homogeneous and shadow-free lighting. It also ensures maximum illumination with minimum energy consumption.

25 percent LED promotion

Stradox is the first LED high-bay luminaire with an unusually high subsidy of up to 25 percent. The state supports companies that decide to use this efficient luminaire. This is because Stradox is more energy-efficient and, at 160 lumens per watt, 65 to 75 percent more efficient than conventional HQL luminaires. Moreover, the product does not need to be maintained and does not require expensive lamp replacement. Due to the optimised cooling housing shape, Stradox also has a longer service life than imported round or short LED spotlights. This means that lighting costs can be significantly reduced and the purchase price is also quickly amortised – after deduction of the subsidy, often after just one or two years.

Efficient illumination of large halls

Lighting design is particularly demanding for large halls. The three-metre-long high-bay spotlights enable more shadow-free illumination of halls than the usually short or round spotlights. For heights between eight and 38 metres, the Stradox can be combined from three different lens versions in 30, 80 and 160 degrees and seven output levels from 13,760 to 93,120 lumens. This ensures optimum, energy-saving and therefore economical illumination.

Optionally, the spotlight can also be controlled via Bluetooth, operated or dimmed, or equipped with an emergency light. Light control technologies such as presence and daylight sensors enable automatic illumination. If the daylight fades, the spotlight switches on automatically and provides good visual and working conditions. With the help of the presence sensor, the lighting can be designed particularly efficiently: When a person enters, the light switches on automatically and goes out again when they leave. This function avoids pointless lighting and also saves energy and costs.