Proven for years: LED indoor trunking system

With the Redox, Madox and Indox LED arcade rooflights, Wasco offers a one-component product trio that meets all lighting requirements. It has proven itself successfully on the market since 2015. From industrial halls and offices to architecturally valuable constructions. The high-performance trunking system is versatile and impress with its long service life and efficient installation.

With the one-component system of the LED trio Redox, Madox and Indox, Wasco GmbH revolutionised the market in the field of LED strip lighting. The design developed by the company, which even market competitors follow, convinces with a constructive unit of support profile and continuous row luminaire. This has created a system that considerably reduces the time and effort required for installation. According to measurements by the renowned consultancy REFA Consulting AG, 15 metres of continuous-row lighting can be installed in less than three minutes. The approximately 30 percent lower weight compared to similarly powerful continuous-row systems also contributes to this.

Low effort, maximum performance

Whereas with Redox and Madox a continuous lighting strip of up to 60 metres is possible, Indox can even be coupled to a length of up to 100 metres. Optimised lenses made of plastic (PMMA) – in combination with highly efficient LED units – ensure precise light control. Flexible power packages and light characteristics also enable a unique variety of applications – including high quality standards “Made in Germany”. The luminous flux packages range from 2,000 to 37,500 lumens per luminaire, depending on the version. Wasco also offers a wide range of plug-and-play modules – including emergency lights, presence and daylight sensors as well as variable colour temperature controls. These can be easily connected to the up to 16-pole lighting system. This means that a custom-fit solution can be found for almost any project.

Sustainable and with a long service life

Standard 160 and optional 190 lumens per watt ensure maximum luminous efficacy with minimum energy consumption. A long LED service life of up to 100,000 operating hours is ensured by high-quality, anodised aluminium housings combined with efficient thermal management. Optionally, the robust strip lights are even suitable for ambient temperatures of minus 40 degrees. This means that they even meet particularly high demands in cold stores. Since 2015, Wasco has been offering cost-effective, system-efficient and at the same time high-quality and application-flexible lighting solutions that have proven themselves to this day.