GU 6.0 from Wasco
fulfils a wide range of lighting tasks

Wasco now offers the GU 6.0 LED trunking system especially for the lighting of new halls. It combines the advantages of the Redox, Madox and Indox trio of luminaires and also scores points for uncomplicated handling and economic installation. The new one-component product is six metres long and – despite quality Made in Germany – particularly cost-effective.

While Wasco GmbH’s already proven trunking systems are designed in particular for the energy-efficient retrofitting of existing buildings, the GU 6.0 was deliberately developed for use in new buildings. The background to the product launch is the fast, cost-effective completion of new production and logistics halls. “Based on well-known modular systems for commercial buildings, we want to establish a new standard in industrial lighting with the GU 6.0,” explains Wasco spokesperson Katharina Alberts. “Our aim is to make the choice easier for companies by offering them an efficient and at the same time particularly economical solution.”

Suitable for all requirements

The six-metre-long LED strip with DALI control consists of two luminaires each as well as a blank field and is available in different versions. For example, wide (160 degrees), medium (80 degrees) and narrow (30 degrees) beam angles are possible for a wide variety of hall shapes. Light colours range from neutral (4,000 Kelvin) to daylight white (6,000 Kelvin). With a standard energy efficiency of 160 and optionally 190 lumens per watt (lm/W), the GU 6.0 achieves up to 25,000 lumens per luminaire. Thanks to the HACCP test mark, it is also suitable for use in food-processing facilities – and with the optional D mark also for fire-hazardous operating areas.

Quick installation, safe use

The Wasco plug-in system guarantees rapid and thus cost-reducing installation, which usually requires only two employees. This is because the single-component solution makes installation particularly simple. The individual continuous-row sections simply have to be plugged together one behind the other and the suspension clips fastened. Presence or daylight sensors as well as emergency lights and other extension modules can also be easily integrated.

With the GU 6.0 trunking system, Wasco thus offers an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and at the same time high-quality and safe lighting solution for halls of all kinds. The LED luminaires are available in packages of 250, 500 and 1,000.