The INDOX LED trunking system with IP20 protection (dustproof) makes it possible to install the luminaire extremely easily and without tools thanks to the integrated 11-pole plug-in system. With an efficiency of 160 lumens per watt (lm/W), maximum luminous efficacy is achieved with minimum energy input.

The 11-pole INDOX produces a continuous shadow-free light from a semi-circular diffuser and offers effective LED technology in 1.5 m and 4.5 m modules (dimensions: 40 x 60 x 1,500/4,500 m – weight: 1.5 kg/ 4.5 kg) – continuous row up to 100 m.

The standard light colour of the LED luminaire is 4,000 K CRI/RA 80. Efficient thermal management through the aluminium housing enables a long useful life of > 100,000 hours. The INDOX has a temperature range of +45 °C to -25 °C and is only available in the DALI + momentary-action dimming version.


190 lm/W
Other light colours: 3,000 K/ 5,000 K/ 6,000 K

Maximum safety

With the existing splinter protection test (impact resistant IK08 and thus also IK07, IK06, IK05), sensitive areas such as food production or the pharmaceutical industry can also be safely illuminated with LED light strips but also sports halls. Our luminaires are tested for food safety and ball impact safety (DIN 18032).

The HACCP and IFS food approval of the splinter-free IK08 luminaire for food processing companies such as dairies or breweries also expands the area of application of this versatile luminaire.

Each individual luminaire is 100% tested and also bears the ENEC test mark.